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We are a group of independent Green Badge tourist guides, all with different skills and interests who share a passion for anything relating to the Bridgewater Canal.

  • What is a Green Badge Guide?
    The Green Badge is awarded after passing a detailed course accredited by the Institute of Tourist Guiding. The Institute of Tourist Guiding was set up in 2002 with the support … Read more
  • Bridgewater Canal Timeline
    1647 A ‘sough’ (tunnel) was cut into the cliff face of the Delph quarry in Worsley to help drain water from the mines on Walkden Moor. 1681 Scroop Egerton born. … Read more
  • Are you a Gongoozler?
    Canals are a natural tourist destination. Are you a Gongoozler? For centuries a Gongoozler has been someone who comes down to watch the goings on along the canal. We Salford … Read more
  • Est.1761
    The Bridgewater Canal in Salford In early February 2014, Salford City Council secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Peel Holdings and other partner organisations to revitalise the Bridgewater Canal … Read more