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  • Emma Fox
    Emma Fox is a born and bred Mancunian who loves sharing stories and insider knowledge about her home city. She … Read more
  • Mark Charnley
    I have lived in Eccles all my life and becoming a Bridgewater Guide has given me the opportunity to share … Read more
  • Elizabeth Charnley
    Born in Bury, Lancashire, I now live in Eccles. As a Green Badge Guide for the Bridgewater Canal in Salford, … Read more
  • Alexandra Fairclough
    Known also by the name Alexatours, I am a local lass with a great passion for heritage. I offer tours … Read more
  • David Barnes
    I have lived in Greater Manchester since 1989, having moved north deliberately in search of the landscapes I saw on … Read more
  • Michele Thompson
    I am fascinated in all things Industrial Revolution. Bridges, canals and railways always made me stand in wonder at the … Read more
  • Royston Futter
    Royston born and brought up in Norfolk is an adopted Salfordian who has lived in Boothstown for over 30 years. … Read more