Explore the picturesque village…but all is not what it seems! Hear the story of 3 stately homes & the houses in this beautiful village.

A talk by Alexandra Fairclough Green Badge Guide for the Bridgewater Canal

Sat February 27th 2021 7:00 – 8:15 PM GMT


Grab yourself a coffee or tipple and sit comfortably in your favourite armchair. I will then step back in time to show you how wonderful Worsley evolved. Its history is hidden from obvious view.  Using maps and images, we will discover people and communities that created this famous cradle of the industrial revolution including famous people and their achievements and lesser known men and women whose blood and sweat we benefit from today. 

Hopefully, afterwards you will look at the streets and buildings in a different light. I look forward to meeting you all online.

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Worsley Delph

by Alexandra Fairclough

The newly refurbished Delph, Worsley

Looking today at the recently refurbished Worsley Delph, we can see a floodlit cross feature set within a distinctive stone-faced water filled hollow. This former stone quarry was used for many of the local buildings but it was the start of the Bridgewater Canal, the cradle of the Industrial Revolution.

Francis Egerton, the third Duke of Bridgewater, wanted to mine his coal deposits out of his land.  Coal had been mined in Lancashire for centuries but the Worsley mines ran deep and kept flooding.  Influenced by his father’s idea to drain the mines, Francis Egerton decided to cut a water course to help reduce flooding, access and retrieve the coal and also transport it to market.

In 1761, the Bridgewater Canal from Worsley Delph to Manchester was completed. Coal from the Worsley colliery canal tunnels and other local pits could get to market quickly and more cheaply than ever before.

The main consumers for this coal initially were households for cooking and heating, however, a constant and much cheaper supply led to demand from industry such as brick-making, metal trades, glass-making and eventually to larger scale manufacturing industries involving imported raw cotton. Due to fact that almost 50% of the world’s raw cotton was manufactured in the 19th century was  traded from Manchester, it became a wealthy city known as ‘Cottonopolis’.

Learn more about the Worsley Delph, the mines, the people who created or visited the canal and the meaning of the public art on one of our Worsley Tours. The Creative Worsley tour also includes the artists musicians architects and writers associated with the first cut canal in England.

Alexandra runs regular tours around the Bridgewater canal.

To contact her visit http://Alexatours.eventbrite.com

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Saturday 3rd October 2020

11am Meet outside the Delph Bar & Restaurant